How to Serve Beer on Nitro

Any bar owner serving innovative craft beer has to stay abreast of the latest flavor trends in the industry. It’s all about creating an experience for your customers. Drinking a craft beer is a performance, and everything counts: from the pour, and the head, to sound, sight, and taste. Nitro beers prove to be just that. So what is a nitro beer; and what steps do you need to take, to be serving up one today? The term “nitro” refers to the type of gas used in the carbonation process. Most nitroge

Beer Style: American Pale Ale

The popularity of these pale ales have truly skyrocketed in the industry, and any bar owner serious about beer, should be stocked with at least one kind. Pale ales originate from England, but they have taken on a whole new flavor, here in the states. The term “pale ale” refers to the original brewing process, where people used pale malt. These type of ales in the mid-18th century were lightly hopped, and differ vastly to what we are accustomed to in America today. Most pale ales from Great

Digital Drink Boards: Why You Should Install One Today!

Any bar owner that offers a variety of craft beer can tell you one of the challenges is keeping up with the menus. The common go-to has always been a chalkboard over the bar, which the staff is continuously erasing and updating. There are several issues that arise from this method, however, as the industry and the selection of beers continues to grow. A new way to display your ever-changing menu is to install a digital drink board. Not only can you display a beer list, but any wine, spirits,

Unique American Brewery Tours

One of the best ways to discover new craft beer for your bar, is to tour the brewery itself.  With more than 4,000 across the country, nearly 75 percent of all Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery.  When the Brewers Association conducted its most recent annual survey, 92.8 percent of breweries responded that they offer tours.  This is great news for the industry, and a fun way to sample new products for your establishment. Visiting a brewery will also help you to connect with the backg

The Top Craft Beer Spring Seasonals

“Spring craft beers truly bring the flavors of the season to life, offering a diverse and refreshing experience.” It’s finally spring, and thirsty taste buds are coming alive.  As a bar owner, especially when it comes to craft beer, it is important that you are ready for the season and all of the fresh flavors it brings.  The extra sunshine calls for light-bodied beers, with sharper textures, and bold colors. Spring craft beer is often described with words like: fruity, citrus, coriander, and

Tips for Better Beer Sales

As a bar owner, there are a variety of means you can employ to increase your beer sales.  Cocktails and liquor have been known to supersede the sales of beer, but if you’re a craft beer bar owner, or simply looking to sell more, have no fear!  The following are just a few ways to get that boost in revenue, and showcase your beer more efficiently. Know Your Market The type of beer you choose to sell should be entirely dependent on your location.  In any business, catering to your market is

How Many Beers Should I Keep on Tap?

For any craft beer bar owner, or any bar owner exploring the varieties of draft beer, this is truly the ultimate question.  How much is too much?  There are many craft bars seemingly stocking up and offering “75 taps!”  as part of their advertising scheme, but can you really keep up with that many?  It all depends on a few factors. This is a given, but many bar owners make the mistake of offering too many taps, that they simply don’t have the space and draft maintenance to keep fresh.  If yo

Altbier - One of the World's Oldest Beers

This is the first blog in our new monthly series reviewing every craft beer style in the industry.  In each edition, we will explore ideas such as: how the beer is made, flavor profiles, their origin, and where they can be found domestically. As a bar owner, if there is any style you want to see covered, feel free to contact us, and we can review it next; otherwise this series will be in alphabetical order. Altbier One of the World’s Oldest Beers There are not many styles of beer that

How to Solicit Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an essential part to marketing your bar, and listening to your patrons should be at the top of your list, when running your business.  So why is it so important? Why You Should Listen Customer feedback helps drive a purpose behind the service you are offering.  There are a variety of ways to retain your customers.  The following are some simple reasons why listening to their thoughts is so important: Method Every bar owner reaches out to their customers in different w

Top 5 Apps For Vegans

With the advent of technology and the access to a vast array of information, the way we think, eat and live has changed dramatically. In the past, resources were very limited. Changing your diet was difficult because a lot of people simply did not know where to start. The internet has revolutionized the way business is conducted. With the onslaught of information, a natural supply and demand began to progress. Once people had access to resources regarding how to change their diet, grocery stores slowly began to carry a larger variety of products. Health and diet-specific stores began to open and what could not be found there could be ordered online. Vegans, or those curious about the lifestyle, now have access to a variety of things like a catalogue of recipes or a place to share their stories and support each other.

3 Ways To Get Along With The Vegan In Your Life

There is nothing worse than preachy people. No matter what brand. Whether it be about religion, politics or a lifestyle choice, etc. … more often than not, the behavior is likely to send the person being reprimanded in the opposite direction. Typically, those preaching are simply expressing passion, but doing it in the wrong manor. Vegans are extremely passionate people, but not ALL of them are preachy. In fact, as we delve into the future of our health and diets, we are beginning to open our eyes to the benefits of such a diet. And the more this occurs, the more accepting everyone is becoming. Everyone has a Vegan or Vegetarian loved one, friend or co-worker these days.