The Top 10 Retail Analytics Companies Today

We provide foot traffic patterns that help data driven retail stores make better investment and site selection decisions. Our data preparation and data mining techniques help drive return on investment (ROI) in target markets for both bricks and mortar and online retailers. To learn more about how Unacast supports retail analytics, schedule a meeting with us. Retail analytics help a business make more informed decisions. It can improve the customer experience based on metrics like store perfor

The Top 10 Retail Analytics Companies in the UK

In a data-driven economy, a retail business needs analytics to make more informed decisions. Improve the customer experience using metrics like store performance, consumer habits, sales trends, foot traffic, and location data. From marketing and sales to planning and pricing, retail analytics is a critical enterprise asset and an essential competency for today’s modern retailers. The expanding retail analytics market is expected to grow at a rate of 18% up to the year 2025. It will then be

How Hotels Use Location Data

A bustling and lively hotel is a general indicator of good health. But there’s so much more than simply counting the number of people walking through the door. Foot traffic and location data can help to leverage deeper insights and improve guest response times. Voice communication and location tracking systems allow a hotel to act on the fly when an incident occurs and meet consumer needs in seconds, rather than minutes. • It will refine where a guest spends the most time for more targeted offe

How Gas Stations Use Location Data

Running a successful gas station means juggling a variety of data feeds. The timing of these feeds can also create lags that affect reporting and decision-making. Discrepancies are often calculated by looking at fuel dispense totals, outside pumps sales, and authorized inside sales. But what if we add a layer of location data to study consumer behavior? What can foot traffic tell us about the energy market, competition, and future revenue? • Location data can be used to analyze gas prices and t

The Top Retail Analytics Companies in Australia

The best business decisions are backed by insightful data. In the retail industry, studying the way people behave can improve the customer experience. Trends like consumer habits, visitation, store performance, sales metrics, and more, can change the way companies view retail. As we move into 2022, more Australian companies are harnessing the power of retail location data to drive revenue growth and improve efficiencies. According to Gartner, spending on technology products and services in

How Pharmacies Use Location Data

If you could collect data that truly made a difference in public health, why wouldn’t you? Location data from pharmacies has the potential to impact patient care and overall decision-making. It can be a powerful tool for the industry and a key factor in successful pharmacy analytics. • Location data can be used to measure pharmacy store performance • Infection patterns and inoculation rates can be determined by mobility data • The risk of questionable drug use can be mitigated with user and loc

5 ways social listening increases your social ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is a common phrase associated with the outcome of financial decisions, but in the realm of digital marketing, your business investment is people. In fact, a study by Nielsen demonstrated that 93% of consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. It makes sense. Most people trust their peers by word-of-mouth. That means you need to find a way to measure the social activity of your clients and prospects, then apply it to your bottom line. Social listening

How some law schools are teaching smart contracts to students

By now, the fact that contracts can be created by artificial intelligence and agreements executed through automation has already had significant implications for the practice and business of law. But while disruptive technology may not necessarily call for pioneering jurisprudence, it often requires legal education to adapt their curricula. Many law schools across the country are therefore finding ways to discuss smart contracts in the context of traditional legal analysis.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is necessary for the future of legal education

Law is often viewed as a conservative practice that is not defined by innovation or agility, but legal tech and the new sharing economy are changing such assumptions. To deal with the influx of technology, creativity and innovation are increasingly fused into an otherwise traditional law school curriculum, helping to equip future lawyers with the tools needed to operate effectively. This trend does not just benefit legal educatiolan, though; it also imparts essential knowledge to other fields th

A Quick Guide to Protecting Your Invention with a Provisional Patent Application

You’ve always been a dreamer, a thinker, and a creator who adds to the world. Yet, we live in a place where light-fingered opportunists “borrow” ideas all the time, and you can’t afford to have yours taken away for free. It just so happens your fears are very grounded. If you are unaware of your invention, how can you know when you are giving it away? In fact, research shows that 50% of all inventions occur by accident. It comes as no surprise that many people may be confused as to how to move

A/B Testing is Your Best Friend and Here’s Why

If you’re going to take the time to build a campaign, you should take it a step further with A/B testing. It’s the perfect method to grow subscribers and improve your lead generation. Marketing automation is about making informed decisions based on data, rather than taking a guess at what your audience wants to see. You never have to wonder why a campaign isn’t working, because the proof is in the pudding. On average, 51% of companies currently use some form of marketing automation, and of...

Flight Information Display Systems: What You Need to Know

The airport can be a taxing place but what a lot of travelers do not realize is that it can be even more stressful for the employees. Airport staff members have a lot to contend with, and in a chaotic environment where time is money, they should have the best tools at their disposal. The means to communicate with travelers has been revolutionized with airport digital signage, primarily known as Flight Information Displays (FIDs).
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