How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Today’s modern homes are spending more electricity than ever. Building an energy efficient home is of utmost importance if you want to cut costs and protect the environment. There are some less expensive things you can do, such as window treatments and then there are more expensive options, such as changing roofs, walls, and electrical wiring. Even though some of these options might be quite expensive, in the long run they are going to pay dividends as you are going to cut a lot of costs. The

5 Expert Tips for Drastically Lowering Your Summer Cooling Costs

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), more than 100 million homes across the country are equipped with air conditioning systems. That’s a full 87% of the US population. And as temperatures rise, so do the costs that come with running these cooling systems. In fact, the EIA also estimates that cooling accounts for approximately 6.2% of the annual energy use in most homes. The good news is, you don’t have to sit back and just accept that your utility bills will continue to

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Help: Moving your Business

Businesses move for a variety of reasons, and moving can often be a logistical challenge, with unexpected pitfalls. There are many approaches to take when uprooting your company, but certain tenets remain the same. You should always be realistic about what you can afford, do your homework, and plan until you cannot plan anymore. Whether you are moving to accommodate growth, to save money, or to be closer to your market, these steps will help you stay on track: Prior to moving, make an inventor

Plan and Maintain Your Duct Work for Efficient Heating and Cooling!

When heating a home, considering how the ducts are installed is a good start.  More often than not, a poor installation of ducts will result in improper heat distribution.  Various systems yield vastly different results. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature in a residence and keep costs low, a good ductwork design is essential.  In modern times, a home should be built on the same terms as commercial properties but more often than not, there is no mechanical system in place for the duc