The Importance of Personalized Video and Why You Need It Now

Given this, how can you efficiently meet your customer needs? To compound things, most consumers will expect you to predict them too. So, personalization has very real power. And when you combine that with the right video marketing strategies, you have a digital marketing method that’s pure gold. Personalized video can be applied to almost every aspect of your business. It is an effective tool for customers, employees, prospects, and professionals in general. Customizing a video for an individu

A/B Testing is Your Best Friend and Here’s Why

If you’re going to take the time to build a campaign, you should take it a step further with A/B testing. It’s the perfect method to grow subscribers and improve your lead generation. Marketing automation is about making informed decisions based on data, rather than taking a guess at what your audience wants to see. You never have to wonder why a campaign isn’t working, because the proof is in the pudding. On average, 51% of companies currently use some form of marketing automation, and of...

Flight Information Display Systems: What You Need to Know

The airport can be a taxing place but what a lot of travelers do not realize is that it can be even more stressful for the employees. Airport staff members have a lot to contend with, and in a chaotic environment where time is money, they should have the best tools at their disposal. The means to communicate with travelers has been revolutionized with airport digital signage, primarily known as Flight Information Displays (FIDs).

The Ultimate Guide to Selling to Enterprise Clients

Enterprise clients are a unique type of prospect when it comes to the buying process, and they require a tailored sales approach. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are over 6 million businesses in the United States and only 0.32% qualify as enterprise-sized businesses. That’s a very small niche, yet a very large potential reward. Contracts may be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Yet the buyer journey for enterprise companies requires the salesperson t