Commercial Property for Sale or Lease in Waltham, MA

Listed as one of the best places to live in the state by Boston Magazine, it’s no surprise that there are a variety of benefits to leasing/owning commercial property in Waltham, MA. The metropolis has a mix of fine dining with a funky, modern feel, and despite it’s location near Boston, it’s an incredibly affordable market. Local property owners experience urban life without all the inconveniences of a big city. The intersection of Main and Moody is within walking distance of the commuter rail,

How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Today’s modern homes are spending more electricity than ever. Building an energy efficient home is of utmost importance if you want to cut costs and protect the environment. There are some less expensive things you can do, such as window treatments and then there are more expensive options, such as changing roofs, walls, and electrical wiring. Even though some of these options might be quite expensive, in the long run they are going to pay dividends as you are going to cut a lot of costs. The

5 Expert Tips for Drastically Lowering Your Summer Cooling Costs

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), more than 100 million homes across the country are equipped with air conditioning systems. That’s a full 87% of the US population. And as temperatures rise, so do the costs that come with running these cooling systems. In fact, the EIA also estimates that cooling accounts for approximately 6.2% of the annual energy use in most homes. The good news is, you don’t have to sit back and just accept that your utility bills will continue to

Agent VS Team: Which is Really Better?

$3.5 billion will be invested in real estate technology this year and there is definitive disruption in the industry. In an uber competitive market like real estate, it no longer makes sense to throw yourself to the wolves alone. With the development of different avenues of operation, like teams and inside sales, agents are finding it more and more difficult to work by themselves. The reality of becoming a successful agent has changed significantly. There are a lot of advantages to working with

5 Tips for Investing in Hawaii Wholesale Property

Buying and selling wholesale real estate is not as straightforward as it looks, and many people fail simply because they didn’t plan properly. Investing in wholesale properties is an easy concept and with the right strategy in place, it can make people very rich! So, for those that are succeeding, how are they getting there and what are they doing? The following are 5 creative tips for how to be a real estate wholesaler and flip Hawaii real estate like a pro. It is critical that you understand

Does Your Office Space Represent Your Brand?

Business is evolving. As it moves closer to a digital realm, many companies are struggling with how to express their culture in a physical arena. Telecommuting has created a revolving door and people are losing focus on the value of an office space. The culture of business and the way you work should be evident from the moment someone enters your office. If a company is following the rules, they have developed their digital footprint first and have an idea of their branding guidelines.

Commercial Property for Sale or Lease in Woburn, MA

The city of Woburn is rich in history but it is also bustling with modern business. Settled in the 1600’s at the end of the Mystic River Valley, it is one of the oldest municipalities in the country—but you wouldn’t know that if you looked at production. There are a variety of reasons why Woburn is a prime location for owning commercial property. The population of Woburn hovers around 38,000 people with a median family income of $66,364.  The L-shaped city is comprised of 13 square miles and is

Trends in the Alternative Accomodation Industry - Dharma Whitepaper

You decide on a whim to fly to Morocco. You grab your smartphone and in one swoop, book your flight, a room in a house with a nice family, and dinner at a local restaurant. Not only have you just set out on the most unique travel experience one can find, you saved hundreds of dollars doing so... Modern travelers are seeking unique experiences. Advancements in the alternative accommodations industry are making it easier for them to shop for everything in one place. Platforms like AirBnB not only offer a different kind of stay for the adventurous, they also offer the most affordable rates.

Keep Tenants Happy - 5 Essentials

Being a good landlord is essential when it comes to retaining your happy and responsible tenants.  In other words, to keep a good tenant, there are tasks on your end you must also accomplish. Knowing what these are, and keeping up on them, is half the battle.  San Diego property managers often have 5 concrete rules to stick with to achieve tenant retention. It is a landlord’s partial duty to make sure the living area is safe. Maintaining well manicured foliage is one aspect.  Any fencing shoul

Lending Monk - Learning Center - All web content

What is a Mortgage? When you've decided on buying a home, the first thing you will have to look into is the process of your mortgage. Simply put, a mortgage is a loan that either a bank or a mortgage lender gives you, to help finance the purchase. The house itself is deemed collateral in exchange for the money you are borrowing to finance the mortgage. Agreeing to a mortgage is signing a legal contract. If the debt is not repaid, the lender has the right to take back the property, a process otherwise known as a foreclosure. The site is now defunct. It was for funding and loans for real estate. This is all the content for

Pocket Listings May Be Causing You to Lose Out On Offers

When selling your home, there are several different avenues you can take.  Many people opt for the traditional manner, and list their property with an agent on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). A small percentage of sellers, however, are choosing to go the route of a "Pocket Listing." A pocket listing consists of any property that an agent markets, and sometimes even sells, outside of the MLS. The reasons for pocket listing your home can vary -- from a need for privacy to a quick sale.  Pocke