Can you Find the Oscar in This Gathering of C-3PO's?

It all started with "Spot the Panda" in a sea of snowmen over the holidays, and now the trend is morphing.  Actually, it truly originated with the book series "Where's Waldo," but who looks at books these days? Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudás, who goes by the name "Dudolf," truly stumped thousands of people with his first cartoon of a panda hiding among holiday snowmen.  It was shared over 100,000 times on social media, with many people simply giving up.

18 Ways to Make a Milkshake That You've Never Seen Before

New York eatery BlackTap has been creating monster signature monster milkshakes that have been selling like hotcakes.  At $15 a pop, they're not cheap, but they truly are a work of art. Despite the freezing cold weather, people have been waiting in 2 hour long lines just to get their hands on these tantalizing treats.  The idea came when the owner Joe Isidori asked his wife what she wanted to drink and she said a "cotton candy milkshake." Since last November the popularity of these drinks has

SeaWorld Has Officially Been Banned From Breeding Killer Whales

Whether or not you’ve seen some of the stunning documentaries in the last few years regarding whales and dolphins in captivity, the current banning of Killer Whales reproducing is now law.  The ruling was made by the California Coastal Commission, who also granted approval for a $100 million (£65 million) expansion to their Orca tanks. Over 600 people gathered at the hearing in Long Beach, CA with both sides feeling quite passionately about the issue.  As SeaWorld puts it: “Breeding is a natur

Spongebob Teaches Autistic Boy How to Save a Life

Whoever said watching too many cartoons was bad for you…..may want to rethink their position.  Spongebob Squarepants is a classic children’s cartoon that has been around for over a decade.  It has taught children, well, mainly nothing, but that a sponge can live in a pineapple under the sea…. But not for these Staten Island kids. Still as popular as ever, Spongebob is Brandon Williams’ favorite cartoon.  His love of the lovable denizen of the deep helped save the life of his fellow classma

Pumpkin Carvings That Put The Jack-O-Lantern To Shame

It’s that time again….the air is crisp, people are picking apples, and it is literally pumpkin EVERYTHING!  Which is cool, because it’s not a year round thing, and it’s still early in the season to get completely fed up with it.  The best part of October, though, is the pumpkins themselves.  People have gotten incredibly creative over the years when it comes to carving. Say goodbye to the simple jack-o-lantern!  Many now do what’s considered “etching” their pumpkins, for some pretty realistic,

The Badwater Ultramarathon Is The Toughest Run You'll Ever See

Running a marathon can be tough, but what if you are down 1 mile with 134 to go, in 100 degree weather?  Yeah…not most people’s idea of fun!  The Badwater Ultramarathon is just that.  At an altitude of 8,300 feet in California’s Death Valley, how can that be entertainment? It’s not about fun, though, it’s about accomplishment.  Known as one of the most demanding footraces in the world, it truly is a test of human ability and tolerance.  59 people ran it this year, with 38 rookies joining the fr

Single Dad Teaches Class To Other Dads On How To Do Their Daughter's Hair

What happens when you get divorced with a daughter?  Or even worse, you are widowed?  Philippe Morgese has had to learn the hard way just how difficult raising a girl, as a man, could be.  There are so many female issues to address, but as a little girl, one of the most important would be how you have your hair.  Fear not, single dads out there, because Philippe has come up with a solution. After much trial and error, he has learned how to style his daughter Emma’s beautiful hair.  Having becom

The Pacific Northwest Under Water: A Frightening Prediction

If you’ve always wanted to visit Portland or Seattle, you better do it soon before the beaches relocate inland.  Scientists are claiming a monster of an earthquake is set to occur at anytime now in the Pacific Northwest.  It will send a hundred foot, debris encrusted Tsunami, to drown everything west of Interstate 5. Forget about the San Andreas fault, that’s child’s play compared to this beast.  The Juan De Fuca Plate and the North American plate have been grinding against each other for 10 th

Wim Hof a.k.a. Iceman is a Medical Mystery

If you’ve ever doubted the power of mind over matter, you won’t after this short film.  Wim Hof, otherwise known as “The Iceman,” is perhaps one of the most interesting and psychologically advanced humans in the world.  His ability to connect his mental processes, with physical results, is astounding.  Hof’s intense doctrine has lead to advanced medical breakthroughs on health and sustainability of the human body. So what makes him so magical and curious?  Well for starters, he climbed Mount Ev

“Sir….License and Registration, Please.” Says a Cop to a Cyclist in NSW

Imagine, you’re peddling along the streets of New South Wales, humming along, when you see flashing  lights and sirens behind you.  “Gee,” you think “some poor sap is getting pulled over.”  Well now that unfortunate one, may just be you on your bicycle. Government representatives are toying with the idea of requiring all cyclists in NSW to carry an ID.  Although they admit, actually licensing every individual would be a daunting task, something must be done. According to the Cycling Safety Act

Butt Bling: Your Cat’s Worst Nightmare

What happens when your cat’s pesky anus gets in the way of good company?  Attach a turd shaped jewel, of course.  That’ll keep those peeping toms in check! With the advent of the internet, people have taken to their computers to “shame their dog.” They snap photos of signs placed precariously near their pets, with messages like “I invite my friends over, then hump them all night long,” or “I like to eat pillows.”  This seems mild compared to a new line of products by Twinkle Tush.  Is there no

El Chapo Escapes AGAIN Using a Complex Tunnel

For the second time in the span of 15 years, one of the world’s most successful drug lords is roaming free on the streets of Mexico.  Joaquín Guzmán Loera a.k.a. El Chapo, escaped from prison on Saturday, July 11th through a mile long tunnel.  He was being held in the most secure prison in Mexico (so they claimed), the Penal El Antiplano in Santa Juana Centro. El Chapo was on a 24 hour surveillance with a security cam that had been installed in the upper right hand corner of his cell.  The only
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